Presentation Manager Training

On this page, you will find resources to assist you in practicing essential skills for presenting slides and videos during Landmark’s courses.

These self-directed resources are intended to supplement the Technical Training Classroom sessions.

The 10 Skills to Master as a Presentation Manager

We have broken what you need to master into 10 Skills listed below. This allows you to personally track your progress as you train for your role, and makes it simple to report on your progress to your team!

The 10 skills are:

Mac Users!  Before, and while, you are  learning and practicing the 10 Skills you also need to master the Mac Specific Skills.

The 10 Skills training resources

Below are the resource pages for each of the 10 Skills. We will add to these pages over time, so please check back each time you go through a course preparation cycle. You can use the personal competency checklist to keep track of your training process.